"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Raw rain.


When I close my eyes, I see. I see green grass, dirty fingernails, bare feet, painted faces, and blueberries… tons and pounds of ripe, sunkissed blueberries.

Spring is here. What are we doing?

It’s raining right now, though. April, and in Seattle, still. I feel tired. I don’t think the rain today is a coincidence. What if we all believed in the mystical things sometimes, like maybe the rain really is God’s tears?

There are always so many things happening. There isn’t time for mistakes. Friendships are sources of anxiety and expectation, rather than grace and honesty. There is this belief that asserting a political stance means engaging in the war against all that is wrong in the world. But that doesn’t make sense when the enemy is another man. Why are we fighting men with wit and statistics instead of going out and following in Jesus’s footsteps? Jesus did not seek to overthrow the government. Early Christian martyrs did not argue their executioner’s right to own guns, nails, or boiling vats of oil. I think because they knew it didn’t matter.

I think the “Christianity” that tends to grow in the United States under the pretext of a political “right” is more common but far from more genuine discipleship than in the countries where Christianity is persecuted.

May God quiet our mouths when we need to listen, and never let our feet be still.


One comment on “Raw rain.

  1. Nichole Eck
    April 19, 2013

    “May God quiet our mouths when we need to listen,” This sentiment would do wonders for solving the world’s problems. Thanks for your words.

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